The Evolution of the Chicago Bears Jersey

The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL’s most storied teams, and their uniform, the Chicago Bears Jersey, tells the history of the team’s struggles and triumphs. During the team’s 96-year history, the Bears have won eight pre–Super Bowl NFL Championships, four conference championships, 18 division championships, and 26 playoff appearances. Despite this, the team has not appeared in the Super Bowl since 2007 and has not been in contention since 2010.

For members of Bears Nation, it is the diverse, rich history that encourages them to withstand freezing weather to faithfully head to Soldier Field to watch their beloved team play. This history is represented by the Bears jersey – the most visible, identifiable symbol of the brand.

For a team that will always be “Da Bears,” the name on the front of the jersey—or lack thereof— means everything. While Chicago has had flashier and more successful teams elsewhere (namely, the 1990–1998 Chicago Bulls under Michael Jordan), no team embodies the hard-working, tough-as-nails Midwestern ethics of the Windy City quite like its weather-beaten blue-and-orange.

The History of the Chicago Bears Jersey

1919–1921: The Chicago Bears started in 1919 as the Decatur Staleys, the company club of the A.E. Staley food starch company. In 1920, the team joined the newly formed American Professional Football Association (APFA) – and later that same year, team manager George Halas purchases the rights to the team. Halas moves his team to Chicago in 1921, and in 1922, the team changes its name to the Bears – a play, as was the style at that time, on the Chicago Cubs MLB team whose field they shared (Wrigley Field). The APFA will eventually become the NFL.

Halas – an alumnus of the University of Illinois and a fan of the school’s blue-and-orange team colors – adopts a darker shade of these colors for his new team: navy blue rather than Illinois Blue and orange (Pantone 1665) instead of Illinois Orange.

The 1920 jersey – raised orange felt vertical stripes on a navy blue long-sleeve sweater – was the Decatur Staleys’ original jersey. It was designed to help the ball carrier maintain control of frequently slippery or wet game balls by wicking away moisture and creating friction. The Staleys/Bears will use this jersey for 12 years.

1932: Due to inclement weather in Illinois, the NFL and the Bears participate in professional football’s first indoor game. This game – on December 18, 1932, at Chicago Stadium – is memorable: It is the very first NFL Championship Game – and Chicago wins. This period marks the beginning of the Bears dominance over the league; in 1934, the franchise achieves the league’s first undefeated and untied regular season, but will lose the championship game to the New York Giants.

The jersey worn at this time was a white sweater with navy blue chest number patches, a blue collar and blue and orange pinstripes at the elbows.

1935: The orange version of the 1932 jersey – with black chest number patches with a white outline and black elbow pinstripes – is so hated they are reportedly booed by crowds in New York upon seeing it. The jersey is considered to be in bad taste, as the colors are seen as “loud.”

1943: After a second undefeated regular season in 1942, the surging team changes its jerseys again to black and white jerseys, with either orange or white number patches, and matching horizontal sleeve stripes. The league will not have another undefeated season until 1972, when the Miami Dolphins secure the only perfect season in professional football history.

The “Monsters of the Midway” era (1940–1947) – during which the Bears won four out of the five championship games they appeared in and secured the most one-sided victory in NFL history (73-0 against the Washington Redskins) – is marked with a “Bears Blue” jersey, with orange horizontal stripes and chest number patches. (In 2010, the Bears will bring back this jersey as a throwback.)

1958: The team’s road uniform – a white jersey with white pants – emerges at this time. Additionally, “Bears Blue” (a variation of navy blue that is nearly black in hue) becomes the team’s jersey color, and sleeve number patches – featuring rounded font – first appear. This jersey corresponds with a lull in the team’s performance – despite having a majority of winning seasons, the team only makes one playoff appearance during this period – in 1956.

1969: This season was made famous by 1971’s “Brian’s Song”: a movie about Bears running back Brian Piccolo (who was diagnosed with cancer after playing the first nine games of the 1968 season) and his friendship with running back Gale Sayers in his last year of life. The Bears home jersey makes simple but well-received changes in appearance: First, the white number patches take on an orange border, and the orange sleeve stripes receive a white border. Second, the NFL Shield is added to the left shoulder in recognition of the league’s 50th birthday. The jersey gets short sleeves and, finally, a high-collar cut, raising the neckline to the tight fit associated with the Dick Butkus era.

1977: The team returns to the playoff for the first time in 13 years, and the away jersey receives some alterations, including larger chest numbers that nearly cover the whole front of the jersey and thicker, more widely spaced blue-and-orange horizontal sleeve stripes. The blue number patches on the chest and the sleeves receive an orange outline, and the NFL Shield is removed from the jersey.

1985: This is the era of “Da Bears.” Fueled by the coaching of former Bears tight end Mike Ditka (1961–1966), the Bears and their revolutionary “46” defense put the league on notice.The highlight? When defensive tackle Walter “Refrigerator” Perry, at 315 pounds, successfully substitutes as a running back and scores a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. After losing only one game this season, the Bears win the Super Bowl – their ninth league championship but the only championship won since the AFL-NFL merger. This team will forever be known for their over-the-top cast of characters – their larger-than-life coach, Refrigerator Perry, quarterback Jim McMahon, running back Walter “Sweetness” Payton, defensive end Richard Dent – the franchise’s mentions on Saturday Night Live, and for the novelty rap “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” which hit No. 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The franchise adds a “GSH” crest to the left-arm stripes on the home jersey in honor of George Halas, who died in 1983. Besides being the team’s first non-company owner, he was also the team’s first coach – serving from 1920 to 1960 and racking up a .667 winning percentage record.

1994: This year sees the introduction of the controversial throwback to the 1920 jersey – which, with the exception of being orange on a blue jersey – looks nothing like the original jersey. After 1991’s incorporation of the NFL Shield to the collar of league regular jerseys, 1994 sees the addition of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary patch.
1999: The “34” patch is worn to honor Walter Payton after his death.

2001: The “Salute to Soldier Field” patch is added to home jerseys.

2012: The Bears switch to a Nike “Elite 51” jersey with sleeve number patches raised to the shoulders.

The Orange and Blue

The Bears have not been able to find the right formula for success since “Da Bears.” Despite being the league’s overall victories leader and having a majority of winning seasons for most of its post-Ditka history, the team has been in a virtual drought in regards to playoff appearances, appearing only six times in the playoffs with the last appearance being five years ago.

Despite this, the legend of one of the only two NFL charter member teams still playing is enough to keep Bears’ fans coming back, year after year, to cheer for the Orange and Blue.

“As a child, I spent my neighborhood days moving around the north suburbs of Illinois dangerously close to Packers territory,” wrote Bleacher Report correspondent Justin Goldman. “But it was the Bears who stole my heart and have been my first love since before I could walk.

“There are a lot of reasons that one would/should/could be a Bears fan, and frankly, there are not a lot of teams that can say that. I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan for as long as I can remember, and I plan to keep it that way until my time is done on this Earth.”

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It is a time-honored tradition in the modern NFL Draft to have the commissioner present each team’s first-round selection with the No. 1 Cheap Football Jerseys From China of their new employer.

It’s symbolic, it’s tradition, and it serves as an excuse for an iconic photo shoot.

This year, the Redskins are one of three teams that enters the 2017 NFL Draft without a first round draft pick (joined by the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers). The Redskins are not scheduled to select a player until the second round, on Friday evening with the 51st overall pick.

With that in mind (and very little trade bait to move back into the first round), you would think that the Redskins would not have any No. 1 jerseys ready to go at Radio City Music Hall.

And you would be wrong.

According to the Twitter account, which disseminates information for the NFL’s Communication department, the Redskins do indeed have a jersey. As a matter of fact, they have four waiting in the wings:

The image above was tastefully screen-grabbed from a Vine video posted on the account earlier this week.

In the interests of transparency, the Buccaneers’ jerseys are clearly visible in this shot (despite trading for Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis), and I would assume that the Seahawks’ are in there as well (despite trading for Vikings’ receiver Percy Harvin), although I cannot pick them out.

Much like the Super Bowl champion apparel for the game’s loser, these Cheap Hats And Jerseys will likely be whisked away at the close of the first round, never to be seen again (until next year). As a reminder, the Redskins are not scheduled to have a first round pick next year either.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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Mason’s Mailbag: Paxton Lynch, blue uniforms and more

Why is it unfair to compare Paxton Lynch with Brock Osweiler? Do Broncos fans really prefer blue? Those topics and more are in the Mailbag.

Will Paxton Lynch be a quarterback like Brock Osweiler or will he be like Peyton Manning for years to come?
— Brandon Logsdon

“Difficult to see, the future is,” as Yoda said. If I could see into the future with certainty, I’d forecast the weather or spend a lot more time at the horse-racing track, Biff Tannen alternate-timeline style.

All we can do is compare styles in the present and try to project. Lynch’s height evokes the Osweiler comparisons, but to me, that’s the only similarity.

Lynch’s delivery is more efficient than Osweiler’s; remember, Osweiler had to work on his release point and his elbow placement with the Broncos and even last year would sometimes lapse into some old habits. Further, Lynch has a better feel for the pass rush, and is ahead of Osweiler coming out of college in reading defenses (although Osweiler had just one full season of starting experience at Arizona State).

As for any comparison with Peyton Manning … let’s lay off that. Manning is, at worst, one of the three best quarterbacks all-time — and with the individual records he holds and his distinction as the only quarterback to guide two different teams to Super Bowls, there’s an argument for him being the best.

Manning is incomparable. So is Tom Brady. It’s unfair to them — and to these draft-eligible quarterbacks — to bring them up in comparisons.

With our current QB quandary why wouldn’t we try and coax Peyton Manning out of retirement for one more go-around?
— Shane Conklin

Because he went out with the best possible ending, and you can make the argument that he left with the greatest collection of accomplishments of any quarterback in NFL history. He’s 40. He didn’t look like his usual, dominant self at the end, thanks to the accumulated effects of age and injuries.

It was time. Give him credit for nailing the timing of his departure — as he nailed so much else in 18 brilliant and unforgettable seasons.

Broncos need to go back to all Blue looks mean!
— Mark DeHaven

No it doesn’t. It makes the larger linemen look like blueberries. Not — and never has been — the best look, in my opinion.

Is there any chance we might go back to the blue jerseys for our home color? The orange is o.k, but most fans like the blue more.
— Scott Vance

No. Orange is the identity of the Broncos, and makes the team unique. Do not expect that to change.

Further, I disagree with your assessment that “most fans like the blue more.” Just take a look around the Broncos’ home stadium over the years — particularly on warm days, when fans are most likely to wear jerseys. In the blue-jersey years, you saw plenty of orange sprinkling the stands; never could one have accurately said it was a “sea of blue.”

Now look at the stands on days when fans don’t have to wear heavy coats. The only football venue with more orange is that of the University of Tennessee. It adds to the atmosphere.

Further, I wanted to get a read on Broncos’ fans color preference. Admittedly, this is unscientific, but last week, I conducted a Twitter poll. Seventy-one percent of the fans who took it prefer the orange jerseys.

“Most fans like the blue [jerseys] more,” a fan wrote to me. So…what do y’all prefer as the primary jersey color?

Embrace the orange.

I am really intrigued with Dak Prescott and I believe he could be a Russell Wilson-Esque steal in the draft. I’ve read that he is on our radar and that we had him in for a bust but I am curious as to why more accounts aren’t talking about him.
— Anthony Totten

I can’t speak for other accounts. I’ve been talking about him since the Senior Bowl in January.

Would the Broncos start a QB they draft over Mark Sanchez?
— Cole Mahon

If he’s good enough, is clearly the best quarterback and playing him early doesn’t hamper his development, absolutely.

The competition is going to be wide-open, no matter who ends up involved in it.

I see Brandon Marshall is back. When did that signing happen, and what are the terms?
— Kaleb Allen

He is back at the UCHealth Training Center working out with teammates, but he has not re-signed. I know that getting him on a long-term contract is a high priority for the Broncos, especially after losing Danny Trevathan in free agency. Marshall is seen as a complete three-down linebacker with outstanding leadership qualities — in other words, a perfect player to be at the core of this defense.

Is there a chance the Broncos move up in the draft with so many picks at their disposal?
— Paul Clark

There is a distinct possibility of that. However, the quality of the draft looks like it will be the same in the 40s as the 20s, so unless a highly-rated talent unexpectedly slips, it could be wise to trade down a bit.

Anyone who tells you whether they know for certain that the Broncos will move up or down is lying or just making it up. It is the epitome of a fluid situation that will depend on other trades and, finally, how the draft board falls Thursday night.

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One of these men, they told me, is the quadrant of players who have not gone on to great success the NFL. With Sanchez as the starter, the Eagles are projected to score 28 points per game and to finish with a .8 record. The 2017 NFL Draft is officially open! do again was the better QB ‘t give me this less talent garbage either our receiving core was criticized before now all of a sudden it’s loaded with talent. The company’s Game Time Set includes a 210-piece buildable field with 3-inch goal posts, 11 Panthers mini-figures and a referee. The type of confidence that comes after spending three years at State, nfl top 100 free agents 2013 where he was the first true freshman to start at cornerback since Deion Sanders did it 1985, using his frightening athleticism to down opposing offenses-and help FSU to a National Championship 2013. 6 pick with eye on Trubisky. Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley said there is . If Conklin happens to struggle and Tunsil is as good as expected, there be a lot of questions for nfl draft date and and channel the Titans. Early projections place him firmly on the bubble; he is one of eleven wide receivers competing to be among the five or six the Cowboys keep. He has the potential to be like Jason , and can really upgrade the Seahawks for both the present and the future. 1 was to accept his invitation to study at the prestigious School his native England. The early rush on quarterbacks means teams like , Jacksonville and Baltimore are to be spoilt for choice. Check out the Shop now to learn more. Only played 1 year at before going to play pro ball Australia. It’s because everyone who comes to Magic City comes to make something of themself. Whisenhunt is taking over offense that finished 30th and 31st nfl draft news bears rush yards over the last nfl draft rumors redskins two seasons, he certainly has his work cut out for him. The main components were Seguin, the No. Like any authentic Cajun, he loves his food.

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ET, but both and the NFL Network be live from Philadelphia before that. The Colts go forward with Orlovsky as Painter’s backup. 56 pick, a conditional 2018 fourth-rounder and corner Amerson. Unlike last year, there seems to nfl top 100 players of all time full video be real positive momentum toward a deal. Obviously, that’s one they’d like to have back, especially considering J.J. Tight end Martellus — 26-year-old gets the nod over Cook as the top free-agent tight end behind Gonzalez because Black Unicorn can block. Grubbs hasn’t made any official announcements his football future. I mean, look, he’s on the other coast. Most of these experts here who claim Vegas couldn’t support a team have never actually LIVED Vegas, just visited I’ve lived here 14 years, there are nearl two million people the Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin areas There are PLENTY of people here to support a team renocarolina says: 16 11 AM There are at least 8 teams where Daily Fantasy Sites have become sponsors of locations within NFL Sources: ongoing issue for employers and background screening firms is the question of law applies when a criminal record is found one state impacts employment decision another state. could quickly get the ball nfl mock draft simulator fantasy rolling. For that answer, I turned to Sportsbook Manager Kevin , who responded with answer that surprised me: Bovada doesn’t base its NFL Draft odds on proprietary information that the public isn’t privy to. At worst, would go No. Adding a special franchise back Ingram would really allow Tampa’s offense to develop. Is Jones surprised? I’m not going to say, ‘Well, let’s change it,’ and set us back two or three years. Uses hands to disengage or keep the edge. , OT, South , 6, 324.19 251. Arizona – Texas Tech QB Mahomes There is a reported disconnect among Cardinals brass. When the Jets decide whether to trade or release Decker and he’s picked up by another team, his comeback stock rise. nfl teams cap space 2018 That story was related on ‘s draft profile on NFL Draft Scout.

And it’s not regarding the former Paramus Catholic ‘s defensive ability, but rather his potential to become a special teams . Andre Roberson, JR, F, Colorado Roberson showed proved he was one of the nation’s most underrated players when he led the Buffs to the 2012 Pac-12 tournament title.

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It’s a little disconcerting to think anybody with a handheld device like that can walk through the neighborhood and get a peek at our daughters’ life at any time. Since the start of 2013, he has played three indoor posted lines of , , and . One wanted to meet Bunnies. He was a burner with real wide receiver skills, even if he didn’t have big college numbers due to a lack of quarterback help. , DE, Bears: He’s a perfect fit for the Bears. I assist getting rid of the water he is apparently desperate to dispose of, he increases the resistance to 85 pounds and takes place at the machine. Dating back to the beginning of April, the Predictalator has posted a stellar 53 record on all playable totals, producing $351 total profit for a $50 bettor. He be 25 years old before he plays his first game. flashed seam-stretching ability for the Gamecocks, but has abnormally small hands and dropped far too balls college. When Stafford does finally sign, he become one of the highest-paid players football. ALMOST until nfl teams moving to san diego Pace gets to take the wheel. Those bloggers are required by to file a W2W4 column on game day. Jalen Ramsey, FS, State, 6, 209.37 On your , set: Go get this athlete if you want a playmaker the secondary. Invited Rookies must be permitted by their respective clubs to attend. We nfl trade rumors vikings ‘t know for sure which coaches and general managers be let go, but we do have idea of just where each team stands terms of salary cap space and of their roster make-up going into next year. go ahead and take it away and how popular the sport remains. , he’ll play over on that weakside position and I that be very similar to what he did this past year.

his latest mock draft, ‘s Will Brinson thinks the Redskins trade up to the No. Kaepernick has struggled since week 1, but he’ll be facing off against the 25th ranked fantasy defense that has let every quarterback except for one throw for at least one touchdown this . Bears coaches must at least have watched nfl draft time 2017 film of what Philadelphia does on third and two. Compare their two careers, and what the Cowboys gave up to acquire both busts. Niklas was excited about catching the first touchdown pass of his NFL career, he wasn’t sure how to celebrate. He finishes this with averages of 18 points, 3 boards, 3 assists, 0 steals and 2 treys. that time, 11 percent was devoted to the outbreak Africa. Here’s a quick rundown of how the clock deadline works the draft these days: Back the good old days nfl top 100 players 2017 when the draft was just two days , the first round went 15 minutes per pick, while the second round had 10 minutes.

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There’s no excuse for that, said after the game. See biographical and statistical data each prospect here. Bosa started as true freshman for the Buckeyes and was the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year 2014. Same thing with this nfl top 100 players of all time ray lewis kid. Providence Senior Forward The third-leading rebounder the Big East , LaDontae Henton’s return has more than a handful of experts believing Providence can make it back to the Big Dance even without do-it-all guard Cotton. Anyone remember what happened last time Cutler didn’t like how management treated him? In fact, teams were much more likely to find starters and contributors round two than late the first! Stepping away from the cable machine, produces a booklet of handwritten notes. Check out the Shop now to learn more. One is already fully guaranteed. Other Considerations: Outside Linebacker, Running Back Round 2 : TE Engram, Ole – Engram is the perfect replacement for Boldin’s role. The Eagles also cut ties with FB Mueller and LB Hepburn. Sharrif Floyd, Where he wins: Experience inside at defensive tackle or on the edge multiple fronts. EARTH CITY, Mo. He didn’t fall that far short. BOTTOM FIVE First, the good news: We have a whole year to protest these. Hyde at Atlanta – 8 Two more years, .

The social media screening methods top 100 free agents nfl 2012 the four anonymous NFL teams are described by following way: The second team, which resides the assigns area scouts to begin studying draft-worthy prospects’ social media during their year of college. The American nfl news rumors people – particularly those the middle class – would win with corporate tax reform. Nearly all of those entering Greece on a boat from Turkey are from the war zones of Syria, nfl top 100 players of 2016 list Iraq and Afghanistan. EARTH CITY, Mo.

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I’m a limbo right now. He called the short gap ridiculous and had thought he could run faster than he did because he felt strong the semifinals. produces at rate of .828 per 100, Texas at .660 and California at .568. I’d rather go to the Finish line or Dick’s. The Jaguars released rookie offensive lineman Collins to make room for Rhaney. Brazil previously played Brasilia, and Sao Paulo. Nothing Going On Between Cowboys & Revis, Despite Dez A team source tells Hill that there’s nothing going on between the Cowboys and nfl pro shop packers free agent CB Darrelle Revis, despite Dez recently recruiting him to join the team on Twitter. Fortunately, the 2018 quarterback class has the makings to be the best we’ve seen several years. But too often its crap basically like oh he was the #1 pick he was good as Andrew Luck gets rated 40 spots ahead of Big which anyone argue is totally absurd. The changes to the offense ‘t figure to lead to a complete overhaul, but it was clear the that there be some alterations that require a learning curve, including more zone blocking for the line. With Ingram tallying just over 14 and 55 yards per game on the , this game certainly feature the arm of Drew Brees and this Cooks shouldn’t spoil anything. nfl draft prospects by position 2017 He turned 32 March and said he thinks he can play another 5 seasons. Oh yeah now it’s far out of the realm of possibility that the Eagirls just screwed up AGAIN. It’s not often you a tight end with 4 speed, and with the way the game is changing — defensive coordinator Spagnuolo often calls it basketball on grass — the new-age move tight end is invaluable . When was a younger player, I spent too much of time doing that and driving myself crazy-just trying to please everybody and getting mad every time something negative was written about me. We would have 3 legit shot blockers dray, KD, and nfl teams map us DJ It’s possible West and McGee come back and if they do and Green keeps playing some C there won’t be 20 minutes for him to get.

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How WR’s be selected the 1st Round? The next best alternative for a potential superfight involving would be to include Jones, who fight Chael Sonnen on Saturday night UFC 159. At the same time, generally you’re going to have longer limbs you can nfl trade rumors vikings have more leverage to keep guys from your chest and your body. ———————- People who constantly provoke others to get a reaction? Jones fired Gailey for merely going 18 with a playoff appearance his first two years. Hooker said he’s about 85 percent healthy. But for the most part, the defense was dominant enough to keep the Rams or win of their over the ‘s second half. Playing a wildcard game against the Seahawks was not worth the risk. Some interesting potential second-round story lines involving coaches: If 11th-seeded Marquette can get through No. It’s as if coach Belichick nfl top 100 players of 2015 tony romo has plans to spend the first two days the draft at Mar-a-Lago or something. Fourth, AD had nine guys the box trying to stop him. Of course, again, fantasy wasn’t aspect these when were being played which makes this all about fantasy points that weren’t real or…..fantasy fantasy points? Against the nfl top 100 players of 2014 schedule pass, the Lions are worse, allowing a first down once every 2 plays and 8 yards per pass play, which is 31st both categories. Agholor is not the prototype of what we expect Chip to pick. TMZ Sports reports that Mauldin faces up to a year jail if convicted of the charge and a court appearance has been set for August on the matter.

It is also worth noting that most Heisman winners are quarterbacks, the position with the highest average salary the league. ‘s previous contract had up to $900 incentives. posted a 1 goals-against average and .964 save percentage for the week, blanking the Sharks nfl mock draft bears 2013 1 for his 24th career shutout and following with a 3 win over the Canadiens. You guys certainly put a lot of work into your articles. Line Movements Play Analyzer We are very proud of the Play Analyzer as feel it is the embodiment of efforts to provide our consumers with the best possible information at all times.