Myers – Garrett became the 2017 draft pick

Cleveland Brown had previously been reported for the picks. But now they finally made a choice.

Brown selected with the top pick of the Texas Agricultural University defensive end point Miles – Garrett (Myles Garrett)

In the last season to obtain a record of 15 wins in order to get the title signed, Brown has been discussed is to pick Garrett or North Carolina University quarterback Mitchell – Chubisky (Mitchell Trubisky). Brown also has the 12th pick of the draft this year.

In the Texas Agricultural University Gareth made a total of 31 times captured and killed 141 times grappling.

In the last season of the university, Garrett made 15 times in the case of an ankle injury caused the opponent lost the number of yards and 8.5 sack. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 272 pounds, 40 yards in the body when the sprint speed of 4 seconds 64. He was compared with the veteran Julius Peppers, who scored 143.5 points in 15 seasons.

Brown would need such a rush.

Since Brown returned to Cleveland in 1999, only three Brown players have captured more than 10 single seasons. It was during this time a team won the single-season double-digit killer player at least.

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Derek Karl injured the right side of the fibula seems to have been cured, in the regular season at the end of Carl because the fracture not only missed the Raiders of the ending of the war, and finally only helpless in the absence of a rare raid in the playoffs, and ultimately Because Karl’s lack of war, raiders in the first round of the playoffs will fall. But now Derek Karl’s injury has returned to a level of health enough, Carl has been able to raid the offseason training program.

After Karl’s recovery, the Raiders also planned to start a new contract negotiations with the excellent quarterback, and Karl was the future of the raid, and the Raiders had to leave the quarterback as the cornerstone of the team. While the current Derek – Carl recovery state after the first thought is back to the raid to start their own work.

“I feel very good, I run me jump me pass, all this thing, I feel great. I am ready, I am ready to do anything, I can do anything with my teammates ”

“I pray that my injury is not serious, although it has been very serious, but now is good.I am filled with gratitude, and to maintain a devout heart.I will continue to pray, pray that those who suffer the same injury Of people can be as soon as possible to restore health. “Carl said.

Tennessee Titan’s quarterback Marcus Mario tower with the Seattle Seahawks outside took over Taylor – Rocker’s right side of the fibula also with Carl on the same day by the same injury. Karl after the reimbursement, in the final NFL year’s most valuable player in the selection of the number of votes in the third row, if Karl was not injured, then MVP selection may be different results.

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The NFL team’s offseason project has been launched. This time is a good opportunity to build a confident, optimistic atmosphere. The young Los Angeles ram quarterback Jared Goff is also confident. Cheap Authentic Jerseys From China, Buy in

At the media conference on the first day of the offseason session, Gough said no one “complained or dissatisfied” the offensive system of the new coach Sean McVay. He also praised the team in the free market operation, the ram hired the left cut Andrew Whitworth, center John Sullivan and take over Robert Wodds The While the team’s internal atmosphere, but also far better than the outside world speculation.

“I think we are closer to the target than people think about it,” said Gough, “we have players, talent, all the puzzles are available, and only they are sorted out.”

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To prove that it is true, Gough also need a considerable amount of power. Gough felt that he had been more suited to the NFL than he had joined the team a year ago and had made him more confident with the quarterback instructors Tom House and Adam Dedeaux.