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New Zealand on the 31st in London retreat Kenham Stadium held in the Rugby World Cup final, to 34:17 victory over the Australian team, became the first defending successful team in history.

New Zealand after the start of the game after the absolute advantage, after the first half to 16: 3 lead, the second half of their offensive unabated, once the lead extended to 21: 3, but the Australian team suddenly after the attack, from the end of the game there 15 minutes, they will chase into the score 17:21.

Since winning the 2011 World Cup, New Zealand has lost only three games in more than four years and has become the greatest team in history. Their top scorer Carter critical moment, he first in the middle of the line into a kick off, and then hit the penalty hit, successfully prevented the Australian team’s counterattack.

This is the 112th representative of the New Zealand team Carter played, it may be his last time to participate in the national team game. Four years ago, he missed the World Cup final because of injury, the victory so that he made up his career only a little regret.

After the game, Prince Harry awarded the trophy for the New Zealand team. There are more than 80,000 people watched the game.

This year’s Rugby World Cup opened on September 19, 20 teams played a total of 48 games. The next World Cup will be held in Japan in 2019.

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